FFP2 - Mask wearing time

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FFP2 - Mask wearing time - FFP2 - Mask wearing time

The FFP2 mask should generally be disposed of after it has been worn for a maximum of 8 hours. However, after short and repeated use, it is also important to let it dry out in between and, if necessary, to spray it with alcohol (at least 70%) inside / outside in order to stop the supposed colonization and multiplication of germs.

Proper care of the facial skin is now important, especially when the outside temperatures rise again. Studies show that wearing a mask can worsen existing acne, rashes and dermatitis. The skin can also swell when a very dense mask is worn for a long time. The resulting moisture promotes inflammation and irritation. This can be avoided by regularly removing the mask, for example after 2 hours.

Sensitive skin can be protected by getting several masks, changing them more often and cleaning your face more often. Here, too, it is important to touch the face less often so that bacteria and dirt particles cannot find their way onto the skin.